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Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

As a new site owner, shared hosting will provide the features you need for a budget-friendly price. However, managed hosting offers several benefits that may tip the scales in its favor and make it worth the extra cost. Therefore, the decision isn’t necessarily clear-cut. There are several features and benefits to managed WordPress hosting, including:

  • Better performance because the server is specifically optimized for WordPress.
  • Isolated resources. Unlike shared hosting, the resources included with managed WordPress are only for your website, so you can be confident you won’t encounter performance issues due to “neighbors” accidentally overusing resources.
  • Access to higher-quality, expert support (again, because the host specializes in WordPress).
  • Scalability so your site has room to grow as your traffic increases.
  • One-click website staging. Freely experiment and safely test changes to your website in a sandbox environment; you can push the changes to your live website when you are ready for visitors to see them.
  • Built-in caching. Copies of your site’s files are stored in a temporary location called a cache so that they can be accessed more quickly. This helps to improve your site’s performance and the speed at which visitors can view your content. With managed WordPress, you don’t need to configure plug-ins to get caching because it’s already set up at the server level.
  • Backups on demand and one-click restore. In addition to automatic daily backups, you can request backups as necessary. This gives you more control and security to protect your online assets before you change your website or whenever you need them. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind that you can quickly restore a backup with just a click.

Managed WordPress hosting is a great solution if you need your provider to keep your platform updated and secure. It lets you focus on your content — and running your core business — while not having to sweat the technical stuff. However, shared hosting has a few benefits you may want to explore.

You should consider a managed WordPress hosting plan if:

  • You have a budget that can accommodate the price. Managed WordPress hosting costs more upfront but can save you big in the long run with less downtime.
  • You can’t (or don’t want to) perform site maintenance. If you’re not technically savvy or don’t have the time or inclination to perform site maintenance, investing in managed hosting is perfect for you. You can focus on your content while your host manages the technical aspects.
  • You need WordPress-specific support. A managed WordPress host offers support technicians specializing in everything related to the platform. If you have an issue with your database, or a recent upgrade or plug-in installation, they are much better equipped to help you than a shared service.

We recommend a managed plan if you prefer to delegate your site’s maintenance and see no issues with the slightly higher price.

Managed WordPress hosting provides WordPress-specific services, powerful tools, and dedicated resources for your site. Because of those services, tools, and resources, it’s recommended not only for enterprise-level companies’ WordPress sites with high traffic but for any business site, e-commerce site, established site already getting traffic (including popular blogs), or mid- to large-size agency’s site built on WordPress that would benefit from the optimized stability, performance, and user experience they offer.