CRM Open Source Solutions

CRM Software Solutions – Businesses rely heavily on Customer Relationship Management(CRM) technology tools to manage interactions with current and future customers. CRM software help business organizing, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support plus manage customers, records and their surveys.

Meridian Cloud Solutions recognizes that the customer is the MOST key factor of any business, and relationships with new and prospective customers is vital to your business.

That is why the main objectives of a CRM application are:

  • Increase your business efficiency
  • Effectively distribute workload
  • Increase your return on investment (ROI) and profit margins
  • Retain existing customers and induct new ones

Benefits of a CRM Application

  • Track customer activity at each end point.
  • Tracks customer communication, problems and solutions.
  • Helps to generate sales forecasts based on Customer Feedback and Communication.
  • Identifies the target audience for products, based on their purchase history.
  • Helps the organization prevent gaps in customer service due to attrition as your business has historical data of all customers.
  • Aids executive leadership in identifying ,preventing and effectively addressing recurrent obstacles in business processes allowing for smooth functioning.